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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC.                  97

taught his son Latin and Greek by talking to
him only, without learning grammar. These poor
fellows were brought out of China, without leave,
at the age of sixteen and seventeen, and when
they return will put on their native habit and
enter their country unobserved. One of them is
called Ly-Pio, the other Cho-Paulus. The first
syllable of each name is that of their family.
The first of these men was christened Jacobus.
No man of rank in China dare avow being a
Christian, or conform outwardly to the public
worship. Yet in the Christian chapels there are
places of different honours. There are two bishops
in China, named by the King of Portugal, and
public meeting-houses for Christians.

We went in a wherry to the Isle of Wight
and landed at Ryde, where there is a pretty
view from Windham's, up the hill. I went from
thence to Chichester to visit my sister-in-law
Mrs. Baker, and then to Sir J. Peachey's at
West Dean. It is in a bottom, with parkish
downs rising on every side; the tops of the hills
are covered with plantations.

Cowdry is a large square house enclosing a
court, battlemented, and of the time of Henry VIIL
The hall, which is very large, and the staircase,
not very magnificent, are sadly bedaubed and

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